General safety tips

  • When meeting someone for the first time, meet them for lunch or coffee during the day.
  • Always let your family or friends know before you meet someone the first time. Let them know where, when, and who you will be meeting.
  • Don’t accept personal checks or MoneyGram as a form of allowance. Members may cancel these payments without notice.
  • Don’t disclose your personal banking information, including account numbers or passwords.

Take action

  • Report members who request sexual offers in exchange for money.
  • Report members who identify themselves as escorts or prostitutes since this is strictly against our terms of use.
  • Report any member guilty of online harassment.
  • Report anyone who asks for money upfront and before meeting in person. This includes, but is not limited to sob stories asking for money, and individuals needing to pay their cell phone bills.
  • Report members who ask for your address so they can send you gifts.
  • Report members who ask for your bank account details, including account numbers or passwords.

Disclaimer: Affluence Dating Network (ADN) in no way, shape or form supports escorts or prostitutes using our website for personal gain. Profiles suspect of this usage will be addressed by the ADN Misconduct Team and banned from our website.

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